Why Bother Writing a Blog?

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As the first post on this blog, the motivation behind it and the content that will be discussed in it are explained.

This is Where it Starts:

Welcome! So here it is, my first post. As such, I would like to why I started this blog, and what exactly I will write about in it.

There are three reasons why I wanted to make a blog, namely:

  1. Contribute to the software community.
  2. Narrow the gap between academia and industry.
  3. Serve as a reminder, primarily for myself.

I will try to make all posts well structured, short, and concise, so that they can be read in the least amount of time. The posts will be split into (mainly) two categories: software development problems I have faced and their solutions, and software engineering research that I find interesting or immediately applicable to industry. Each post will be appropriately tagged (personal experience, research, etc.).

The personal experience posts are separated into two groups: The first one is long projects with a detailed description, found in the “Projects” page. The second one is short personal experience and research-related posts, found in the “Blog” page.

The frequency of the posts will depend on how busy I am (and if there is any content), but I will try to post every time there is something that consumed a decent amount of time to figure out, or I think is worth documenting for future reference. I hope you, the reader, can find something of a value within my posts.

Let’s start!

Stevche Radevski

Stevche Radevski

Full-stack Software Engineer, with focus on JavaScript. Working at balena.io. Open-source supporter. Tinkerer. Trilingual.

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